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Read the comments we have received below. The comments form that was on this page has now been removed because of high volume of spam. Have a look at the comments/thoughts so far! Feel free to add comments by e-mailing Ruth directly. The contact details are here. Please include the following with your comments-

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5) Any connections or special interest in Imber

Very sad to see such desolation of what would appear to have been an idylic village. I am always struck by the quietness in the village and the sense of the village waiting for it's people to return.
Adrian Mills <[email protected]>, frome, Somerset Fri Dec 23 18:35:26 2005

A Remembrance Service, conducted by Rev Dr Graham Southgate, Vicar of Edington, will take place at the War Memorial in Imber village on Saturday 17 December at 11am. This is the third consecutive year that such a ceremony involving local British Legion members will be held at Imber.
Unspecified , Unspecified Tue Dec 6 08:22:09 2005

Talking to Family I have found out that some of my anchesters, are buried at Imber church and I would like to find out more of the history of Imber village, There name was Paulden, I am very new to this can anyone give me any advice please. Just as a matter of interest it was my Nans family on my dads side. I liked the the photos of the Imber village and the church.
John Smith <[email protected]>, http://Under construction, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Thu Nov 24 18:35:06 2005

When is the new website coming on board? How about the book?
john syme (Chairman of the Friends of Imber Church} <[email protected]>, Warminster Fri Nov 4 12:32:12 2005

I've been on the phone today to the army PR number (tel. 01989 620 819) and have been informed that the road through Imber will be open from 6 p.m. Friday 16th December 2005 to 6 p.m. Monday 2nd January 2006. I'd like to bring a group but need to get my publicity out at least a year ahead - alas the info. is not currently available early enough for organised tours groups of interested people. Many of my group members would like to visit Imber. We usually hire coaches, but not at such short notice, and without more notice of the open days I'm not sure how we'll get there. Best wishes
Elizabeth Stuart <[email protected]>, London UK Thu Nov 3 17:45:25 2005

I know this is short notice, but BBC4 have a programme about Imber at 3:15am tomorrow (saturday) morning.
Rob Leighton <[email protected]>, Staffordshire Fri Oct 21 21:37:14 2005

hoping to visit Imber some Great Grandmother was born there
emma <[email protected]>, Unspecified Tue Oct 11 20:17:55 2005

Untill several years ago i knew nothing about the village of Imber, untill i saw a programme on bbc called Imber, Englands lost village. I am very passionate about Englands history, and found it sickening that a village as historical and beautifull as Imber could be just wiped off the map.I believe it takes centuries for a typical English village to mature into a village that Imber was. The whole village should be given back to the people, and restored as much as possible, even though there is not much left to restore. I was very pleased to learn that the beautifull church of St giles is to be restored to its former glory. I could'nt believe that the church even considered declaring This wonderfull 700 year old church redundant. restoring it is the least they can do for the people in the cemetery of the church of St Giles who loved lived in and loved the village for centuries. I believe Imber is a village that refuses to die.
Stephen Day <[email protected]>, Chelmsford, Essex Tue Oct 11 02:00:46 2005

For 51 excellent recent photos of Imber do look at
Unspecified , Unspecified Wed Oct 5 07:14:16 2005

Dear Gary Sweeney, Traditionally Imber village is open over the Easter period but in 2005 it was closed for operational training at Easter. Nearer the time, information will be available from Westdown Camp at Tilshead on 01980 674679. Usually Imber is open throughout the Christmas/New Year period and it is planned to hold another Peace Vigil on New Year's Eve, Saturday 31 December, at 12.00pm (our fourth consecutive one), to which, as before, the MoD and interfaith groups will be invited.
Ruth Underwood<[email protected]>, London Thu Sep 29 02:15:16 2005

when will the village be open around easter 2006
gary sweeney <[email protected]>, tyneside Sat Sep 24 08:07:29 2005

I was inspired to write a short story about Imber after learning about the village. If you would like to read it, please visit my website at and click on the 'short stories' link. The story is entitled 'Last Orders' and it came third in a local competition earlier this year.
Kirsty Carse ,, Cambridge Mon Sep 12 13:38:52 2005

Great to see this site, Ruth - I will look forward to watching as it develops further. Best wishes, Neville
Neville Young , Unspecified Sun Sep 11 11:06:24 2005

There is an interesting article, "Ghost Village Visited for a Day" on
Ruth Underwood<[email protected]>, Unspecified Thu Sep 8 03:33:57 2005

"We conclude that biology does not condemn humanity to war, and that humanity can be freed from the bondage of biological pessimism...Just as wars begin in the minds of men, peace also begins in our minds. The same species who invented war is capable of inventing peace. The responsibility lies with each one of us." UNESCO, Seville statement on violence, 1989
Ruth Underwood <[email protected]>, London Tue Sep 6 08:15:19 2005

The next time the roads through Imber Village are open is from 6.00pm on Friday 9 September until 6.00pm on Sunday 11 September. The annual Imber church services are this year to be held at Edington Priory on Saturday 10 September at 12.00 and 3.00pm as St Giles Church, Imber, is now not accessible due to renovations.
Unspecified , Unspecified Mon Aug 29 14:02:41 2005

Who are the Forever Imber group?
john syme <[email protected]>, warminster Wed Aug 24 12:08:34 2005

Could you please let me know when the open day is for Aug/Sept, as I would like to try and attend.
Nick Butler <[email protected]>, Pershore, Worcestershire Wed Aug 24 10:45:08 2005

Your site is realy very interesting.
Pesho <[email protected]>,, UK Fri Aug 19 00:50:50 2005

I visited imber yesterday,felt very sad for the villagers that had to leave there home, It would have beenn nice to have been able to see more of the village. The Little Imber on the down book is very good and well worth a read!
Miriam James <[email protected]>, Milton Keynes Tue Aug 16 09:31:02 2005

Visiting yesterday - very sad.
John Kirkaldy <[email protected]>, Exeter Mon Aug 15 10:36:24 2005

The roads through Imber are due to be open from 6.00pm on Friday 5 August until 6.00pm on Sunday 21 August. It is as well to confirm dates, however, by telephoning the MoD on 01980 674679. St Giles Church is now closed for some time while renovations take place. Best wishes, Ruth Underwood.
Unspecified , Unspecified Thu Aug 4 22:39:38 2005

spent many happy/wet/muddy/shot at days in the village some years ago and have been visiting 3 times a year enchants the imagination of things long gone but so close in memory's..i feel drawn to imber and will continue to visit as long as possible,but years to come i fear will see a complete close down for training(the army will say)is on the horizon & a permanent one at that......forever imber xxxxxxkatie
katie mitchell <[email protected]>, Salisbury Thu Aug 4 00:20:11 2005

I look forward to the updating of your website, and the release of your forthcoming book. I hope to visit Imber again this August but am finding it difficult to find information regarding access to the actual village. I would be interested in joining any Imber campaign group, and keeping the story of Imber alive!
Katie <[email protected]>, http://n/a, Larkhill, Wiltshire Sun Jul 31 16:07:23 2005

"The struggle of people against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting."
Milan Kundera, 2003 "Break my branches
Saw me into bits
The birds will still sing
In my roots"
Anise Koltz (born 1928), from "Poems on the Underground" Welcome to the Forever Imber message board and many thanks to Jesse Schust for creating it. The purpose is to give anyone and everyone the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about Imber and, in so doing, play a part in creating its future. Looking forward to hearing your contributions. Best wishes, Ruth Underwood "The way you dream and the way you hold the future does help to shape it." Peter Gabriel, speaking in the programme "Protest Songs Forever", ITV, 15 November 2003
Ruth Underwood<[email protected]>, Unspecified Wed Jun 15 16:00:05 2005

I hope people will contribute their thoughts about Imber here.
Jesse , London Wed Jun 15 03:18:38 2005

We can learn a lot from Imber. particularly from the former residents.
Jesse ,, London Wed Jun 15 03:01:21 2005